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We all have something in us

Have you ever got tired of trying? I too was tired, until there Comes a time you will realize the real reason why you have to keep trying until that time keep trying, growing up in most African homes isn’t easy but what is easier is deciding to make a difference in your life so…

How it started

Am from a broken home,i only got to know my parents at age 7, growing up in that condition it disturb me phycologically,and finally growing up without a father’s care and a mother’s love, am writing to encourage every child passing via the same problem is not our fault either are we going to blame…

An introduction of myself.

My name is AYUK Lydia Tabot, from Southwest region of Cameroon precisely Mamfe center, Am 23 years old Holder of a Higher National Diploma in Marketing, from a broken and first child of both parents.

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